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Maynu's Dream Numbers
A Collection of dream words turned into winning lottery numbers for the Pick 3 and Cash 4 Lottery Games.

A 999 Book of Numbers Resource -- 

When you are dreaming of the win...Your Best Dream to Numbers Translations are here. 

This new 999 Dream Number Resource is a work in progress.

We're be adding numbers almost daily till it's all filled up.

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From the Desk of Ama Maynu


Welcome to Maynu's Dream Numbers resource for Pick 3 and Cash 4 lottery players. This tool is a work in progress begun in May, 2013.

The Dream Numbers you find in this resource are some of the best you will find anywhere on the internet if you are looking to translate dream words and symbols into winning lottery combinations for the Pick 3 and Cash 4 lottery games in your state.

The accuracy of these translations have been the cause of lots of straight hits and even more box hits as I have used them to predict winning lottery combinations.

But don't take my word for it, try them out for yourself. Then let us know how you're doing.

The rule of thumb I use is to play dream numbers for up to 9 days, but in practicality, if you dream often, then one to three days might be a more realistic schedule for playing your dream combinations.

Remember, while your dream numbers may not show in your state, they may show in other states within 1-3 days, so if you have an online account, you can play them "all-state" and catch more wins.

Hey Player, my best advice to you is to keep on dreaming...cause in Maynu's Dream Number World, "Dreaming Means Winning the Pick 34 Lottery Games!"

All the best Dreamer!

Chief Service Officer

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Maynu's Dream Numbers

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